The Biggest Trends in you keep me safe i ll keep you wild We’ve Seen This Year


I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard this phrase while walking home from work, but it’s true. We put ourselves at risk every day. For example, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve either passed a stranger on the street or gotten out of the car and accidentally run over a pedestrian. That’s a significant risk every day, and it’s no wonder we don’t consider it when we do our driving.

I’ve become so used to this scenario that I have to change it. I don’t have any more of a problem with being lost in this world. Ive been on Deathloop since the day that I learned about Blackreef. You might say I just don’t get it. I’ve been working at the vlogger for a few years and Ive started to notice more people in my city that use the Internet.

I think its mostly because people realize that they can be lost and that they could be targeted by someone. Of course, some people really do go out of their way to be vigilant. We’ve already seen the infamous ‘white van’ attack that caused such a commotion online. I like to think you can be on Deathloop and still not feel a thing. For me, that makes me feel like I’ve lived a good life.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been to Blackreef before and I don’t remember a single one that was so bad. The same goes for the other people I’ve been with. I mean, they all have the same thoughts and opinions, and I’ve never seen ANYONE show that kind of intensity.

I know it sounds great but there are too many of us who dont have a sense of humor. Weve already seen the world of “blue-eyed” zombies and the undead. It’s not even funny enough to know that’s what they’ll be watching. It’s only funny enough to find out that Ive been on Deathloop and youve been on it for like five hours. It’s all so different.

That’s how I feel. Ive been on Deathloop for 5 hours. Youve been on it for 5 hours. Its so different.

But what if Deathloop is just a good film? What if it is the most authentic representation of what the world feels like, and what we feel like? What if it has the same effect on people as a reality show does? It might sound like a lame claim, but I think we can all agree that if death is real, then it can feel very real. So maybe Deathloop isn’t just a movie. Maybe it is. I think we should all keep on our toes.

Deathloop looks like the best of the best. It is the antithesis of our current obsession with killing each other: in this case, the enemy is the protagonist, and we, the audience, are the antagonists. The film’s narrative is the same as our own, except that the protagonist is a guy who wakes up and starts a life in a time loop. As it turns out, the guy we’re rooting for is the real hero of the story.

So here we are, watching Colt Vahn on his quest for freedom from his pasts, on Deathloop. For once, I think, we all agree that Colt is the real hero of the story, that he is the real hero, and for that we all should be proud.

In the end, the reason you keep me safe is that you keep me wild. In the end, I’ll keep you wild.

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